Who supports the boss?

Being a manager is supposed to be fun, rewarding and inspiring. You want to feel the flow, that you are in control of progress and that you enable your co-workers to reach their objectives. You want to be there to offload, support and guide. But who supports the manager?

After several years of working as a manager in Swedish and international organisations — small and large, private and governmental and at both board and executive level — I have developed a well functioning methodology for management support. The past year I have supported managers and teams in Sweden, Nigeria and Uganda and am now opening up for more people and groups to access this service.

I give you the opportunity to have time to reflect over your role, your challenges and your options ahead. I design a tailor-made program where the basic foundation is individual talks — using online video or physical meetings — and concrete tasks based on your needs and wishes. My objective is to strenghten you as a leader, and help you finding new solutions in order to better and faster reach your objectives.

”Clearly sees the one looking from a distance — foggy the one caught by the details”

Today we are overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of information and constant changes, drawing attention to details which often veil the important questions. As an external support not affected by the day-to-day challenges you face, I will ask both the easy and complex questions, and I help you to structure your thoughts and find your priorities. Our discussions are confidential and I am there to offload, support and guide you in your role as a manager. Our meetings are a sanctuary for your thoughts.

Running management support

This is where we lift the leadership development to new levels. I think better when I run. Thoughts are easier to define and get hold of, they get more clear and precise after a few kilometers in the forest or along a path somewhere. In this setup we bring one or serveral of our meetings to a jog. You bring your problems, thoughts, challenges and together we break them out while strengthening our health. The jog is based on your conditions and ability.

In order to know more about the management support, send me a message or give me a call through [skype-status skype_id=”johanmast” user_name=”Johan Mast” button_function=”call” use_voicemail=”off”]