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“The future ain’t what it used to be”

– coach Yogi Berra

Things are much easier to understand, than to predict. In crises, as in life, we can’t be certain about what is going to happen tomorrow. We can have plans, predictions and protocols, but can still be taken by surprise by unforeseen events. An effective way to build a robust and resilient organisation is to actively train to handle fast-evolving situations, and to make mistakes and learn while you have the luxury of time and resources.

At Johan Mast Consulting, we design tailor made exercises which will test and strengthen your organisational capacity to deal with unexpected events. 

“”Johan Mast Consulting AB has helped us to strengthen our crisis management capacity. They are attentive, precise in their work and maintain good personal relations.”

– Security Advisor


JMEX is a well tested platform which in a simple and efficient way creates realism in crisis exercises. The platform platform enables the crisis team to communicate, monitor and interact within the organisation and with the outside world through social and traditional media, in a controlled and realistic way.  

JMEX is easy to use and creates a realistic media environment for the exercised organisation. The participants don’t need more than a few minuts to understand the tool and can thereby focus on participating in the exercise rather than learning complicated technology. The platform can be adapted to both simple and complex exercises.

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Main Services


Leadership development

Get the most out of your organisation and teams.


Crisis preparedness

Improve your capacity to manage unforeseen events.



Ensure you and your employees stay safe when traveling in insecure areas.



Learn and develop through tailor-made exercises and realistic simulations.

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