Johan Mast Consulting

Helping to manage the unexpected.

Consultant in efficient leadership, crisis preparedness,

crisis exercise and travel security.


Focus areas



Get the most out of your organisation and teams.


Crisis preparedness

Improve your capacity to manage unforeseen events.


Travel security

Ensure you and your employees stay safe when traveling in insecure areas.



Learn and develop through tailor-made exercises and realistic simulations.

Methods applied

Individual support

Trainings and workshops

Exercises and scenarios

Studies and reviews

Johan has led humanitarian interventions in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Sierra Leone and today works as a consultant in leadership development and crisis preparedness.


What clients say

“Johan Mast Consulting AB has helped the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to strengthen their crisis management capacity. They have improved our ability, especially through their thorough analysis of our organisation and way of working. This, in combination with their solid knowledge and experience in crisis management has provided a good result. They are attentive, precise in their work and maintain good personal relations.”

Security Advisor, MSB

”It’s a pleasure to work with Johan. He can draw on his wide experience of both directly managing operations in complex environments and facilitating strategic change processes at senior management level. This allows Johan to adjust his methods and messages seamlessly to the audience concerned. He conducts his assignments calmly, flexibly and with great integrity. I look forward to working with Johan Mast Consulting again.”

Security Advisor, Swedish Red Cross

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