Assignment: leadership in difficult situations

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida wants to increase their ability to reach the most vulnerable, and are planning to increase their presence in conflict settings. In 2020, Sida launched an internal training programme with the aim of improving the ability of employees to work in conflict and post-conflict settings or places with increased security challenges. Within that programme, Sida has contracted Johan Mast Consulting AB to provide the participants with an in-depth training on self-leadership and leadership in difficult situations.

The seminar series is tailor-made in dialogue with the participants, and will to a great extent build on discussions and realistic scenarios. The series will – among other topics – focus on:

  • basic theory on risk, organisation, leadership and motivation
  • basic risk and threat assessment
  • coping with stress and high pressure
  • norms, culture and behaviour in relation to risk and leadership
  • values ad rules when managing difficult situations
  • making decisions when facing the unknown
  • formal and informal management levels
  • basic crisis organisation

We put emphasis on creating reflection in the group and based on the experiences of the participants contribute to an increased self-understanding. The seminar series aims to increase the participant’s own understanding of the challenges and reactions she or he might face when working in difficult contexts, and increase their ability to lead and decide in difficult situations.

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