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Crisis preparedness

Crisis preparedness

We work to improve the capacity of organisations and their employees to manage unforeseen events. Through trainings, exercises and direct coaching we strengthen the crisis awareness of organisations, teams and individuals. We bring the perspective of the employer-employee responsibility in preventing, handling and following-up on crisis situations, especially those working in high insecure settings.

Organisational management

We help organisations and companies to improve their structure, organisation and leadership on an individual as well as organisational level, with a specific attention to preparing for the unforeseen. We are experts in non-profit organisation management, with a good track record of improving results while maintaining the social aspects of the organisation. Our clients include government agencies, private companies and non-governmental organisations. We are hired to conduct trainings and exercises, filling management gaps and providing support to managers and their teams.

Organisational management

Latest updates

Identity and violence in humanitarian work

In which way does your identity – who you are – influence the likelihood and consequence of different threats while working abroad? Within the humanitarian world, the topic of identity related threats

New exercise platform

During the first half of 2019 we have developed and tested a new platform for realistic crisis exercises. The platform enables the exercise team to communicate with the crisis organisation

Who supports the boss?

Being a manager is supposed to be fun, rewarding and inspiring. You want to feel the flow, that you are in control of progress and that you enable your co-workers

Answers looking for questions

Early December I was contacted by a research leader at Makerere University in Kampala. Despite the University having been closed by the President of Uganda a few months earlier –

Cancel the meetings, shut down the e-mail!

Switch off! It has been a few years by now. In 2012 Wolkswagen shut down their e-mail servers in Germany after office hours. You weren't supposed to e-mail each other

Crisis preparedness at MSB

MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, is a governmental agency responsible for issues concerning civil protection, public safety, emergency management and civil defence in Sweden. I was asked to help

About Johan

Johan Mast has a bachelor in pedagogy and has previously worked as deputy training director at the Folke Bernadotte Academy and as General Director for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Sweden. Johan has led humanitarian interventions in – among other places – South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone and has several times had to manage challenging situations that put his values to test. Today he works with training and exercises within value based leadership and crisis management. Johan is also participating as a board member (interim) at Sweden for UNHCR.

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